Friday, August 22, 2014

Is one national nightmare finally over?

In a positive sign for the national news media, McClatchy has finally become aware of the simple truth, nobody really gives a damn about Caribou Barbie anymore.
Sarah Palin has lost the magic. The defeat of her choice Tuesday in a Republican Senate primary in her home state of Alaska capped a primary season in which her favored candidates have stumbled across the nation.

A referendum to restore Palin’s signature achievement from her time as Alaska governor, a state tax on oil companies, was also headed toward defeat following Tuesday’s voting, dealing a double whammy loss to Palin in her home state and highlighting her declining influence.

Only four of the 15 congressional candidates endorsed by Palin nationwide this year have won their primaries, a far worse record than the previous two elections, when Palin played a role as kingmaker and her approval was eagerly sought by candidates looking for an edge with Republican voters.
There are still a small number of nitwits with more money than sense that allow her to maintain some fundraising mojo. But even these people will realize they are throwing good money after bad and will go seek their next grizzly excuse for a human being.


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