Sunday, April 29, 2012

MoDo takes aim at the "crepuscular, medieval men"

In this case the Popenfuhrer and what Charlie Pierce calls the Clan of the Red Beanie. The guys who care more about dressing up in fancy dresses than following the teachings of Jesus. They have MoDo's Irish blood boiling with their attacks on the nuns. MoDo takes no prisoners.
Who thinks it’s cool to bully nuns? While continuing to heal and educate, the community of sisters is aging and dying out because few younger women are willing to make such sacrifices for a church determined to bring women to heel.

Yet the nuns must be yanked into line by the crepuscular, medieval men who run the Catholic Church...

How can the church hierarchy be more offended by the nuns’ impassioned advocacy for the poor than by priests’ sordid pedophilia?

How do you take spiritual direction from a church that seems to be losing its soul?...

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York recently told The Wall Street Journal that only “a tiny minority” of priests were tainted by the sex abuse scandal. But it’s a global shame spiral. The church leadership never recoiled in horror from pedophilia, yet it recoils in horror from outspoken nuns...

Instead of looking deep into its own heart and soul, the church is going after the women who are the heart and soul of parishes, schools and hospitals.
So long as the Church refuses ordination of women, it will continue to demean the women who support it and continue to decline in the hands of wizened old men with adolescent outlooks.


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