Saturday, August 23, 2008

O tempora o mores!

After posting about the McCains non-campaign bio in the NY Times today, I was thinking about how much we have changed as a nation over the span of my adult life. I have voted in every presidential election since Humphrey-Nixon and looking back I was struck by a terrible realization. Back in 1968, if a candidate had even one of the Old Fart's failings, adultery, divorce, Keating 5, drug using wife or even suspicion of failure to follow campaign finance laws that he helped write, his candidacy would not even get out of the gate. And don't even get me started about a guy who is living off his wife's money. Today we see him running competitively with the Democrat in the race for the White House. Have we, as a nation, really sunk that low? I hope not. I pray that November will show that the majority of American voters retain some sense of moral and ethical decency.


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