Friday, August 15, 2008

Galloway on George and Georgia

It's not pretty but it shows the emptiness that George Bush has made of this country.
Things have truly come to a sorry pass when both our military and our diplomatic threats are as empty as our national treasury, and the Russians of all people can afford to laugh them off.

Bush and Cheney seven and a half years ago inherited control of the world's only reigning superpower, and in that short time they've squandered our military power, our international good name and our national treasury.

The only sadder sight in a week full of sad sights was a John McCain op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal with the headline: "We Are All Georgians."

Not really, senator. As campaign slogans go, "Ich bin ein Georgian" just doesn’t cut it.
From America the Beautiful to America the Third World.

And the saddest part, some Georgians still think the US military will arrive to save the day.


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