Friday, August 08, 2008

And back in Iraq, you remember Iraq, don't you?

McClatchy reports on the difficulty in finding female suicide bombers before they show their stuff. With the recent upsurge in women bombers, there is an urgency that is matched by the lack of real evidence to act upon.
Khalaf acknowledged that the evidence was scant. No explosives were found in the house, no residue on their hands. A list of women and their phone numbers could be a list of friends just as easily as a recruiter's manifest of possible bombers.

The family could be deeply involved in recruiting suicide bombers. Or they could be three women living alone in a neighborhood that al Qaida in Iraq once completely controlled.

Maybe someone with a grudge put them on a list and told security forces that they were bad.

Everything is just a maybe. More than 400 people have been detained since the security operation began, Khalaf said.

He ordered in lunch. The officers whispered to one another when Asmaa wouldn't eat. This was a sign that she might be al Qaida.

"I swear it isn't," she said. "I'm too frightened to eat. If you want me to show you I'm not al Qaida I'll eat all of these dishes."

She picked up a spoon and a tear fell from her face to the plate.
Let us never forget how much Li'l Georgie's Glorious War has improved life in Iraq, especially women.


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