Saturday, June 17, 2006

The true cost of Republican corruption

Or as it is known in party circles, "business as usual". And what better place to see it in action than that hotbed of Republican ethical values, Ohio. As reported by the Toledo Blade.
As it works to slash hundreds of millions of dollars in costs, the panel overseeing the troubled Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation yesterday approved a plan to reduce what it pays hospitals for treatment of injured workers.

The move, subject to review by a legislative committee, is expected to save the bureau at least $60 million a year.

"The quicker we get this implemented, the greater the savings," said Bill Mabe, the bureau's administrator and chief executive officer. "Time is money here. This is just in-hospital.… The next step will be to look at outpatient services."
This seems like normal cost cutting, necessitated by the loss of millions of dollars to fraud and corruption. But look closer at the possible, or in a Republican state, inevitable result.
While hospitals are obligated to treat injured workers in need of emergency care, she said some hospitals may decide later to no longer provide follow-up outpatient care if the bureau goes after that next....

....In the wake of continuing investigations looking into pay-to-play allegations involving bureau investments, the bureau did not pay investment dividends to employers who pay into the system last year for the first time in nine years.

Between a general premium increase approved in March and an administrative fee increase approved yesterday, employers funding the insurance fund for injured workers will pay an average of 4 percent more as of July 1.
And despite his guilty plea to campaign finance crimes, Our Dear Embattled Leader has still not returned most of Tom Noe's illegal contributions. But we can be comforted knowing that ODEL has brought a higher ethical standard to the White House. _ _ _ ! (You fill in the blank)


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