Sunday, June 11, 2006

Judas Joe Lieberman still has his finger on the ejector button.

JJ has some standard campaign quotes in this article in the Hartford Courant but he still has not made the one statement that real Democrats want to hear.
Reacting for the first time to a new poll showing he could win election as an independent, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman said Friday he remains focused on winning a Democratic primary, yet refused to rule out an independent run.

"I am not going to close out any options," Lieberman said.
He must be still counting on his Republican base. Anybody else wonder if Queen Mehlman will run an RNC phonebank for JJ on Primary Day? But everybodys favorite would-be SecDef had a few more choice remarks.
"Look, my opponent is running against Iraq and George Bush in a Democratic primary. That's not too hard to do."
But it would have been much harder if JJ had been a Democrat and done so himself.
"I'm privileged to be the senior Democrat on the committee that oversees FEMA, so I hope I can have some positive influence on their behalf,"
Another opportunity for the Republicans to help out Our Dear Embattled Leader's favorite Democrat and "kissing cousin". Let's count how much good JJ can do.


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