Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back from a long weekend

After a few days off, I am back and ready to continue. I know you all missed me so much. What you might have missed was Bob Herberts column on Monday. In it he spoke to the heart of th matter with our Mess in Potamia. And he had this idea:
Before you gather up the hot dogs and head out to the barbecue this afternoon, look in a mirror and ask yourself honestly if Iraq is something you would be willing to die for.

There is no shortage of weaselly politicians and misguided commentators ready to tell us that we can't leave Iraq — we just can't. Chaos will ensue. Maybe even a civil war. But what they really mean is that we can't leave as long as the war can continue to be fought by other people's children, and as long as we can continue to put this George W. Bush-inspired madness on a credit card.

Start sending the children of the well-to-do to Baghdad, and start raising taxes to pay off the many hundreds of billions that the war is costing, and watch how quickly this tragic fiasco is brought to an end.
It will never happen because rich folks have rigged the game, but maybe more people will see that they have done so.


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