Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Republicans shit on an honorable soldier - again.

Once again a soldier who served his country honorably, instead of wandering off in a beer and coke induced haze, is the target of Republicans smears of his courage and service.
Given Mr. Minamyer’s recent habit of indirectly questioning Paul Hackett’s service in Iraq this site must ask the question does Eric Minamyer speak for the Schmidt campaign?

I understand that Hackett did not participate in combat at all. It is still dangerous over there as I can personally attest. Let’s just not act as though we led marines in combat if we did not, okay…

I have asked the question time and again, what role did he actually play?

Given all the opportunities he has had to say “I served in combat” one fair conclusion is that he did not.
Keep in mind that Minameyer was a Navy lawyer who probably spent his days in Iraq behind the blast walls of the Green Zone. A far cry from the remnants of Fallaujah where Hackett was stationed. The Republicans always did favor those that David Hackworth called The Perfumed Princes. Favored men in peacetime who were useless in times of war.


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