Thursday, August 03, 2017

You can die for us

But don't get any uppity ideas in your head that you can live with us if you survive. That is the message that Cheeto Mussolini and His Amateur Fascist Circus are sending to foreign volunteers in the US military who originally signed up with a promise of citizenship only to find themselves frozen out of the process.
Soldiers in the U.S. Army Reserve are suing the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security for stalling their citizenship applications after they joined the military through a program that promised them fast-track naturalization for their service.

“Each plaintiff-soldier has kept his/her end of the bargain,” their lawsuit states. The immigrant recruits did their part by enlisting, training in drills with their unit, and subjecting themselves to deployment. The U.S. Army certified their service, and the military is supposed to provide citizenship as soon as they complete basic training or attend drills.

But at the Pentagon’s request, the Homeland Security Department is not processing their applications, as required, while the U.S. government subjects the recruits to a more rigorous background check than those typically needed to naturalize.

What’s more, Pentagon and Homeland Security officials now say they are considering going back and changing who is eligible to receive a certification of military service — required for naturalization under this military recruiting program — and possibly even revoking the certifications for those soldiers not in active-duty service.

The delay has put some soldiers at risk of deportation, the lawsuit states. These soldiers are “suffering irreparable harm” and financial strain as they face uncertainty about their status, unable to get a job, a drivers license, or a passport to visit sick family members, their attorneys say.

It has also baffled the military lawyer who wrote the policy.

“Are they making up new rules there at DoD? I’ve never heard of decertifying someone who is eligible through the Reserves, it is outrageous,” said Margaret Stock, a retired Army officer and lawyer. “They’ve naturalized thousands of reservists and all of a sudden DoD noticed it and they’re going to revoke some of them?”

The 10 reservists who brought the suit were recruited through the Pentagon’s Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest program, known as MAVNI, which gives expedited citizenship to legal immigrants who enlist with critical language skills or medical training.

Nearly 10,000 immigrants are in the MAVNI program, most of them serving in the Army. The popular program was allowed to accept 5,000 recruits in 2016, but was frozen last fall after security concerns about the vetting of recruits. Now the Pentagon is considering scrapping it altogether, according to an internal memo included in the suit. This would leave roughly 1,000 non-citizen recruits at risk of deportation despite being enlisted in the U.S. military.
This program was a significant source of recruits for the military as your average Trumpoon would rather hang his AK-47 over his fat belly and shout "2nd Amendment" than serve in the armed forces. And the outrageous changing of the rules is another Trump turd flung into the face of this country by a man who has sold out to a foreign power. The damage he does will take years to recover from.


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