Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Fox News - All Kinds Of Shit, All The Time

And sometimes the shit they spread is not of their own creation. While they still remain the manufacturer of most of the shit they spread, it has been revealed that some of their shit comes from Russia by way of Murdoch's Sun.
Like much fake news, the story was based on a kernel of truth. The brief, tense confrontation happened on April 12, 2014, and the Pentagon issued a statement. Then in April, three years later, the story resurfaced, completely twisted, on one of Russia’s main state-run TV news programs.

The new version gloated that the warplane had deployed an electronic weapon to disable all operating systems aboard the Cook. That was false, but it soon spread, showing that even with all the global attention on combating fake news, it could still circulate with alarming speed and ease.

In the days after the incident in the Black Sea, a Russian writer named Dmitri Sedov wrote an opinion piece, apparently meant to be satirical, that imagined the incident as an electronic warfare attack and described the panicked reaction of one crew member.

The piece was framed as a letter from an American sailor onboard named Johnny to his beloved Mary. It betrays its dubious origins through strangely stilted language and the rather Soviet-style sentiments it contains.

In an apparent attempt to drive traffic to the satirical piece, a series of posts meant to look like a letter from the crew member went up on Facebook in English and Russian, with a link to the original. The researchers found them by using a string of uncommon words that crop up in the article, including “Aegis,” “mysticism” and “shame.”
And from there it went on to Russian TV and, bolstered by a fake quote from a US general, Rupeert Murdoch's Sun picked it up. From there it was a hop, skip and a jump to Fux Nooz who only took down the story when quizzed about it by the NY Times. While not quite as direct a having Donald Trump tweet it, it is an effective way to spread bullshit.


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