Wednesday, March 01, 2017

It is such a shitty idea

That President Beetlefart and his minions are still trying to get his Imperial Decree regarding immigrants from countries that don't have one of his golf courses into a passable form.
President Trump’s new executive order on immigration will not include a blanket ban on citizens from Iraq, among a host of other revisions meant to allay legal and diplomatic concerns, people familiar with the matter said.

The White House late Tuesday scrapped plans for Trump to sign a revised travel ban Wednesday afternoon, a person familiar with the matter said, marking the third time the administration has put off the matter since the president said that dangerous people might enter the country without a prohibition in place.

But when it is signed, people familiar with the matter said, the order is still expected to include a host of significant changes. The order will also exempt current visa holders and legal permanent residents, and it will not impose a blanket ban on those from Iraq, where U.S. forces are working with the Iraqis to battle the Islamic State. It will not include an exception for religious minorities, which critics had pointed to as evidence it was meant to discriminate against Muslims. And it will not go into effect immediately when it is signed, people familiar with the matter said. The people said the situation remains fluid and changes remain possible.
Beetlefart is finding out that this Precedenting stuff is really complex and he can't just tweet out some shit, sign and have it done. Of course if he had been the least bit qualified for the office, he would have known that.


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