Monday, March 14, 2016

Not many candidates fight multiple lawsuits

In the middle of their of their run for the Presidency. Donald Trump is managing to do just that. As Super Tuesday approaches there has been a lot of discussion of his Trump University scam. And now people are hearing about the lawsuits from his failed Trump International Hotel & Tower in Fort Lauderdale.
The buyers at Trump International Hotel & Tower said they thought they were getting a ticket to an exclusive club, a high-rise developed by Donald Trump offering a five-star restaurant, $3 million penthouses and sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.

What they actually got: a hulking, empty concrete shell that was built by someone else, and ran out of money long before it was completed.

The collapse of the celebrated project four years ago cost buyers millions in lost deposits, sparked more than a dozen lawsuits, and has now emerged as a campaign issue that threatens to follow the GOP front-runner through the presidential race.

“It was an outright lie,” said J. Michael Goodson, a buyer and former Wall Street investment banker who has pending litigation against the real estate mogul. “I thought the last thing Donald Trump would do was walk away.”

The project’s massive downfall embodies both the power and the myth of the Trump brand, an aura of success and bravado that attracted condo buyers and now voters.

Just days before Florida’s primary, the long-running legal dispute over the 24-story development has become a focus of public scrutiny, raising questions about Trump’s character, business practices and his associates.
At least it should raise questions about his character, business practices and his associates. But these are hard core Republicans and Foxsuckers, they know everything they hear in the media is a lie so they won't pay any attention because The Orange God has arrived.


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