Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pirates seized yacht full of bibles

The American yacht seized by Somali pirates is owned by Scott and Jean Adams. Also on board are two other Americans, Phyllis Mackay and Bob Riggle.
The Adams — who are members of the Marina del Rey Yacht Club in Marina del Rey, Calif. — run a Bible ministry, according to their website, and have been distributing Bibles to schools and churches in remote villages in areas including the Fiji Islands, Alaska, New Zealand, Central America and French Polynesia.
So there is no reason to ransom these good folks, after years of handing bibles to people whose main reaction has been, oh goody toilet paper!, they can now achieve their own release by converting the heathens. It is their good fortune not to have been captured by hardcore heathens.
The pirates from Puntland in northern Somalia are not hardline Islamists and the fact the Adams carry Bibles is not likely to be a problem. Pirates in Puntland are known to spend their ransom spoils on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.
Then again this may have a "Ransom of Red Chief" ending.

One wonders how much the pirates are going to have to pay The Bible Institute to take their missionaries back :).

All snark aside, I don't see a good ending for the missionaries. They aren't going to be bailed out by their folks back home, because their folks back home already spent all their money on Bibles for the heathen. These pirates aren't charitable organizations, they will feed and put up with fundie attempts at conversion only so long before turning the missionaries into "martyrs" via separation of heads from rest of body (cheaper than bullets). Which of course will then be used by World Nut Daily to "prove" that Christians are "oppressed" world-wide, despite the fact that Christians own something like 90% of the wealth of the world and control the government of all the wealthiest and most powerful countries...

- Badtux the Martyrdom Penguin

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